DIY projects have always fascinated me. One of the many diy projects I remember as a child was creating a book-cover for one of my school books. The assignment was to create a cover with the theme of my choice. I was super excited! I was going to make the best book-cover anyone had ever seen; not because¬†this project was getting graded, it was because I wanted everyone to see what I was capable of doing. So I found a brown paper bag, crayons, color pencils, scissors, rulers, markers, etc and measured the brown paper bag to fit my book. I used my Care Bear Book as a guide so I could draw the bears just right. I drew Love-a-Lot bear on the front and Sunshine Bear on the back with several small hearts surrounding them (Yes, even as a child it was all about love.) I couldn’t wait to get to school the next day. I was proud of myself, especially when everyone began to ooh and awe at my book cover. (I received 100%, but deep down I knew I deserved more…maybe 200, no 1000%…) Since then I have tried several other DIY projects, some were failures, but many were successful.